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  • Full service Dental Directory serving Puerto Rico. will help you locate a Dentist in Puerto Rico. Whether you are thinking about a specialized dental procedure or just looking for a Dentist in Puerto Rico. can help you find a Dentist to fulfill your dental needs.

Why Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico is considered as the best alternative for Medical and Dental Tourism. All Federal laws and regulatory agencies of the United States govern in Puerto Rico. The academic preparation of our professionals meets all federal requirements (National Dental Boards). The cost of services are a fraction of what it is in US (in some procedures like Dental implants and crowns is more than 50%).Other important reasons when considering to travel for medical services are the following:
1. Strategic location, in the Americas (U.S.)
2. Easy access: International Airport and Regional Airports.
3. High quality restrictions on medical procedures; In Puerto Rico all US federal laws apply.
4. For U.S. residents, many health plans and Medicare are covered.
5. Communication; Most people are bilingual (English and Spanish)
6. Food and water Safety; versus other countries.
7. Currency U.S. Dollar.

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