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Whitening Dentists in Puerto Rico


By Dr. Omar Cruz

Teeth whitening have proven to be a simple and effective way to enhance the smile and appearance of patience.  Teeth whitening (bleaching) will work on all natural teeth if they are stain discolored or have darkened though many years.  There are a lot of misconceptions about teeth whitening; some people think it damages the tooth, that it hurts, that is costly, etc…

First it is important to emphasis that all whitening procedures should start w a comprehensive oral exam. Your Dentist has to determine if there are fillings or crowns that will not bleach, making your smile uneven and unattractive if a whitening procedure is done. Also determine if there are caries that would create sensitivity during the whitening procedure. For last recommend what type of whitening system is recommended for your particular situation?

Types of Tooth Whitening Procedure:

  • In office:  takes around an hour.  High concentration bleaching material (hydrogen peroxide in most cases) is applied to teeth under your Dentist supervision. Safe and fast way to achieved results. Some people call it laser whitening because can be enhance by the use of a light.
  • Take home: Takes 14 days to a month. Medium concentration of bleaching material (carbamide peroxide in most cases) is delivered to teeth by the use of a custom tray fabricated by your Dentist. Time of application ranges from 30 minutes to overnight.
  • Over the counter:  lower concentration of whitening material. Not as effective as what’s available at Dentist office.


Cost of tooth Whitening:

Prices of Dental procedures are approximately 50% less in Puerto Rico than in the USA, and teeth whitening is no exception.


•             In office:  Can range from $200- $500

•             Take home:  $99.00 -$200

•             Over the counter:  They start $14.00

Tooth whitening procedure requires some after care. Consult your Dentist due to it would depend on oral health and system used; but sensitivity is normal.  It is recommended not to eat or drink dark beverages right after the procedure.Dr. Cruz earned a Master Degree (MMSc) in Oral Science from the prestigious Harvard School of Dental Medicine; where he also received a specialty certificate in prosthodontics. Dr Cruz is president of Ashford Dental clinic at 1018 Ashford Ave. Condado, PR. 787-705-1732

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