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Painful symptoms arising from exposed dentine are a common finding in the adult population and have been reported to affect as many as 1 in 7 of patients attending for dental treatment. Exposure of the dentine results from one of two processes, either removal of the enamel covering the crown of the tooth, or denudation of the root surface by loss of cementum and overlying periodontal tissues. Removal of the enamel may result from attrition relating to occlusal abnormalities, toothbrush abrasion, dietary erosion, habits, or a combination of these factors. The etiology of denudation of the root surface is multifactorial but gingival recession increasing in severity with advancing age, chronic periodontal disease, certain forms of periodontal surgery, incorrect tooth brushing and chronic trauma from habits are of particular importance.

It is noteworthy that although many individuals are seen to have exposed dentine, not all experience symptoms. There is at present no clear-cut explanation for this apparent anomaly, nevertheless certain factors may be responsible, which include the age of the individual, the rate of exposure of the dentine surface and the effect of naturally occurring or other environmental desensitising mechanisms. It has previously been observed that areas of sensitive cervical dentine display patent tubules. In those individuals where no symptoms arise from dentine exposure, sclerotic dentine may be the reason. Dentin sclerosis is the main age-related change in older teeth includes a

gradual enlargement of the peritubular dentin and intratubular mineral deposits, which often result in narrowed or completely occluded tubules.  It could be proposed that sensitivity is most likely to occur in younger individuals. The question of why many of the patients who presents with dentine hypersensitivity are middle or advanced age.

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