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Cosmetic Dentistry: Dentists in Puerto Rico

Cosmetic Dentistry:

These days the topic of Cosmetic Dentistry is very popular in Puerto Rico. It is very important for patients to understand that when making an aesthetic reconstruction treatment, the dentist or specialist should be considered a logical treatment plan based on both function and appearance. The assistance of experts in the field of prosthodontics, periodontics and orthodontics are usually necessary. In the first stage we need to analyzes the bite, muscle and the temporomadibular joint (TMJ) of the patient. For this, X-rays and molds or models are required. Then determines if the patient has the necessary tooth structure for the restoration, if the patient has enough teeth or tooth surfaces to be restored, or if you require the use of dental implants. Then you set the plan to proceed to provide functional and aesthetic needs of the patient. The sequence should always start  by addressing the patient's acute problems such as pain, infection or decay. The rest of the treatment should be planned so that each stage to facilitate the next phase of treatment.

Aesthetic needs and conditions of each patient vary, so the best way to learn how to improve your cosmetic dentistry is a professional consultation.
Dr. Carlos Ivan Cruz, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Specialist in Prosthodontics and Periodontics. For more information call 787-806-2442 or 787-280-1490 or email us

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