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Dental Implants Dentists in Puerto Rico

Dental Implants

By: Dr. Carlos Cruz

The primary function of the alveolar bone (bone in the mouth) is to serve as anchor and support for the teeth. Once teeth are lost, this bone is lost or reabsorbed. To avoid or rectify this, your periodontist may recommend dental implants as an alternative to have your teeth fixed or removable bridges supported by implants. Many studies have shown that dental implants have about 93% of success.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that simulates tooth root that is surgically placed in the jaw bone or maxilla. The implant gets integrated to the bone after a short period of healing. Thus, preventing bone loss and providing chewing function and look exactly like the natural tooth.

Patients should understand that to be candidates for dental implants need to be carefully evaluated. Dental hygiene should be an appropriate one and the bone structure of the mouth right. If the patient does not have the necessary bone structure, it can be rebuilt with new periodontal techniques.

Patients can benefit from dental implants due to:

• Provides the same function as natural tooth roots and create a stable base as a replacement for teeth’s.
• Reestablish proper bite force naturally and safely.
• Oral care is the same as for a natural tooth.
• Eliminates the need to restore adjacent teeth and therefore preserves tooth structure .
• Promotes and preserves bone
• Do not give caries.
• Provide confidence to the patient because patients do not have the concern that the prosthesis is off or move when speaking.
• Removable bridges can be manufactured without palate.
• Provide greater comfort than any other type of restoration for areas without natural teeth.
• Lights and feel like natural teeth.

In short, the implants are the best alternative for the replacement of their teeth. The cost is only slightly more than conventional alternatives, but the benefit and satisfaction are worthwhile. Be sure to consider implants as the best alternative for your dental replacements. For more information call us at 787-806-2442 or at 787-280-1490. Or e-mail us at:  Dr. Carlos Cruz Dentist in Mayaguez , Puerto Rico

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