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Tooth Wear Dentists in Puerto Rico

Tooth Wear

 The diagnosis and treatment of loss of tooth structure

The loss of tooth structure can occur on any surface of any of the teeth for several reasons. Before starting to treating the patient it’s important to provide diagnosis of the problem, identify the etiological factors (the factors causing the problem) and educate the patient to establish a program to prevent the problem.

There are several ways to lose the enamel and other tooth structures. Within it are found, the bruxism, trauma, abrasion, abfraction, attrition, erosion, patient habits, chemical (eg. acidic foods well), as well as cavities. The diagnosis is defined as the art of differentiating the nature of the disease. The clinician should perform a comprehensive exam and visible approach to the problem of patient symptoms, in turn developing a positive relationship with the patient. It begins with an interview the patient, at this time the patient may reveal factors that he or she does not know that may be causing your teeth. A very typical example is stress, which causes a parafunctional habit that wears down teeth and causes the patient to sit with your jaw relax. After the interview, clinical examination should determine the areas and structures involved and the factors causing the problem, etiological factors.

 While that may be lost tooth structure in any of its surfaces, the most common areas are the occlusal (bite area) or Buccal areas (towards the cheek). Among the teeth usually tooth structure lost by decay. Tooth loss in the cheek area to the lesions called cervical or neck injuries of the tooth.

 The loss occlusal (bite area) can occur by factors of bruxism (teeth Honing habit), or stomach acid diet, habits, objects placed in the mouth (eg nails), an unbalanced bite, teeth are not properly arranged and traumas such as falls, decay can also cause problems in these areas. For the treatment of these lesions should be considered:

  • 1. If pain
  • 2. If the loss of tooth structure may cause an acute problem in the future.
  • 3. If the loss of tooth structure is causing a cosmetic problem.

Treatment should consider the necessity of patient function and appearance of the teeth. This is important because many times to restore a pattern of tooth wear may be a need to restore a more or until the entire denture. There are several treatments to consider, everything will depend on the area and amount of lost tooth structure and the need for rehabilitation to prevent future problems.  

To find your need to restore the lost tooth structure or please call:

Dr. Carlos I. Cruz; Medina 351 Ave Hostos, Medical Emporium; Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00680

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