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Health and Oral Health Dentists in Puerto Rico

Health and Oral Health

by: Omar Cruz DMD, MMSc

For many, health and oral health are two different things, but more and more studies confirm the close relationship that exists between them. Tartar and plaque between teeth cause gum inflammation. This is known as gingivitis or, in severe cases, periodontitis. Periodontitis is a chronic inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria, which causes bone loss around the teeth. This chronic inflammation affects the body's immune system and lower body’s immunity. Some studies show how inflammation of the gums can lead to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, systemic diseases.

If you have any of these symptoms visit your dentist:

1. Bleeding gums

2. Red or swollen gums

3. Bad smell in mouth

4. His teeth are mobile

5. Space between your teeth and gums

Dr. Cruz earned a Master Degree (MMSc) in Oral Science from the prestigious Harvard School of Dental Medicine; where he also received a specialty certificate in prosthodontics. Dr Cruz is president of Ashford Dental clinic at Condado, PR. 1018 Ashford Ave. Tel 787-705-1732

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