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First Apointment with orthodontist Dentists in Puerto Rico

First Apointment with orthodontist

By: Francis Picon, DMD, ABO - Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects abnormal position and function of teeth with respect to the orofacial complex. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that the 1st visit to an orthodontic evaluation is at 7 years old. There are many criteria to consider when starting an early orthodontic treatment, but some factors are more important than others. In general I suggest to take into account:

The bad position of teeth and bones for usually begin to manifest in childhood, usually when the baby teeth are replaced gradually by permanent teeth. It is advisable that the first evaluation by a certified orthodontist is at 7 years, since at that age is this the first molar of adult and begins to establish the group of permanent front teeth. Here are some common childhood conditions that can be corrected successfully if they are identified and addressed at an early age:

Oral Habits - The prolonged sucking finger / silly and / or tongue thrusting pushes to the front teeth and can open or cross bite.
Overcrowding - The discrepancy between the size of the permanent teeth and the lack of space creates problems of dental misalignment.
Cross bite - Whether front or rear, can cause problems to the teeth and / or deviations in the direction of skeletal growth of the jaws.

The above are just some of the orthodontic problems managed at an early age, however, must take into account other conditions and / or individuals could be served at the time or later. Remember, it is certified orthodontist who, with his training and experience, will recommend which treatment is more efficient at the right time.

Your smile is important! It is one of the first things that are fixed when you know someone and know that there's nothing like a first impression. A good orthodontist has an interest in oral health of their patients, especially in terms of dentofacial function and beauty.

The author is Professor in Orthodontics at the UPR School of Dental Medicine and has a private practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For a screening appointment, you may call 787-957-6318.

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