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When is the first visit to the dentist? Dentists in Puerto Rico

When is the first visit to the dentist?

By: Dr. Marlene Ramos Santiago

Many people wonder when it is necessary to begin oral hygiene in children, the answer is never too early. The oral tissues and tongue should be kept clean and start to erupt when the first child's teeth should start brushing with a soft bristle brush. We recommend visiting the dentist or pediatric dentist (pedodontist) from the moment the teeth erupt or no later than the first birthday. It is at this visit that the initial recommendations are received by your dentist.

The child should be brushing your teeth with a small layer of pasta until it learns to spit out excess, then close to 2 years is when it starts with a number of pasta similar to a drop. In Puerto Rico are available on the market without fluoride pastes training for children under 2 years are safe if ingested small amounts. It is of utmost importance in these early years for parents to monitor the hygiene of their children because their skills are not enough to properly brush all surfaces. Also your child will need to teach and help floss to dislodge food particles that get trapped between your teeth.

To maintain good oral health must take into account the diet. In young children is crucial to remember that foods with high sugar content tend to produce more caries which should control the use of them. The use of fermentable carbohydrates such as bottle with formula, juice, sweetened milk with sleep increases risk and prolongs the time between these liquids and teeth. A child should never sleep with a bottle.

Visit your dentist or pediatric dentist (pedodontist) every 6 months will help identify health problems and strengthen the practices at home. Cavities must be corrected and oral habits such as use of boobies and sucked the finger will be assessed. Remember that oral hygiene should be a habit established since the early years and an opportunity to share with your child and encourage him to take care of itself.

Dr. Marlene Ramos Santiago is a Pediatric Dentist in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.


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