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What are metal-free crowns? Dentists in Puerto Rico

What are metal-free crowns?

Modern Dentistry has become very passionate about all ceramic restorations. All ceramic restorations have the ability to combine aesthetics with strength which allows the fabrication of crowns and bridges without a metallic sub-structure, mimicking the light conductivity and translucency of natural teeth. All ceramic restorations are indicated for anterior and posterior restorations, replacement of missing teeth, reconstruction of tooth structure weakened by decay, trauma, erosion, and/or wear , to close gaps or spaces between teeth and to modify tooth color. Zirconia and lithium disilicate have become the most popular materials in dentistry, due to their improved mechanical strengths and esthetic properties.

Lithium silicate crowns:

Lithium Disilicate crowns are aesthetic ceramic restorations completely free of metal, with high resistance to fracture. Lithium Disilicate are superior to zirconia in esthetics but not as strong. Due to their highly aesthetic characteristics that reproduce the optical characteristics of the tooth they are mainly use for anterior teeth.

Zirconia Crowns:

Similar to lithium disilicate, zirconium oxide ceramics requires no metal substructure, provides an excellent response to the gums, eliminating the risk of allergic reaction and improving the aesthetics. Due to its lack of metal corrosion, dark halos around the neck of the teeth are absent. Their high strength and esthetic properties allow us to use this material to restore front and back

teeth with crowns and bridges. Dental Esthetic Solutions has the latest technology and a dental laboratory that allows us to offer our patients custom-made restorations with the best quality zirconium and lithium silicate ceramics. Our restorations always take into account the smile, facial profile, age, and gender of the patient so that you feel comfortable and at ease with your teeth.

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