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Teeth Whitening Dentists in Puerto Rico

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most common dental procedures today. This dental treatment is very simple, noninvasive, non-traumatic, and yields very positive results in a short time. Whitening is indicated for people with discolorations or stains caused by coffee, wine, tea, snuff and drinks.  These types of stains can not be removed by a toothbrush or a conventional dental cleaning. In the case of teeth stains caused by fluorosis or tetracycline, bleaching can be effective, but sometimes the results are not dramatic. It is important that your dentist determine if you are a candidate and what type of bleaching system would provide the best results. There are three type of external bleaching systems: at-home bleaching, In-office bleaching or a combination of both. The system will depend on the degree of discoloration of your teeth and how much change in shade you desire. Office bleaching systems consist of an application of hydrogen peroxide 40% on the teeth.  This method consists of two to three applications of approximately 20 minutes each depending on the system used by your dentist. The procedure is performed by the dentist in the office. On the other hand, take home whitening gels are available with 10% 15%, 20% and 35% carbamide peroxide. Take Home Whitening gels are delivered via customized bleaching trays that will adapt to the form and shape of your teeth. The change in shade will depend on the patient's dental hygiene and exposure to substances such as coffee, wine, tea, snuff and some soft drinks.  The dentist or dental assistant is responsible for giving instructions on the use and application of the material. Some patients may experience gum irritation or tooth sensitivity that will usually dissipate when treatment is finished. In case of severe sensitivity, it is important to discontinue use and notify your dentist.


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Dr. Richard Cañizares

Prosthodontist in San Juan Puerto Rico

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