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Dental sealant Dentists in Puerto Rico

Dental sealant

Pit and fissure sealants are excellent tool for preventing dental caries. The teeth have small fissures where food and bacteria are collected. These fissures are more common in molars and premolars.

Fissure sealants are resin that is applied over the fissures. To apply the sealant is not necessary to drill the teeth; it is a thin enamel layer that is brush over the fissures. Fissure sealants color is white or clear and can be applied to several teeth in the same dental appointment. There also glass ionomer sealants which are sometimes desirable and recommended.

In newly erupted teeth, it is highly recommended the application of fissure sealants as the teeth when emerging in the mouth. Newly erupted teeth are not completed calcified, dental sealants function as additional protection to these newly erupted teeth. Sealants can be applied at any age.

In literature dental sealants promise to last 10 years, but sometimes repair is needed from time to time depending on your eating habits.

Ask your dentist if sealants pits and fissures are indicated for you.


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