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Gingival Recession and Exposed Roots Dentists in Puerto Rico

Gingival Recession and Exposed Roots

By: Dr. Miguel Angel González

The tooth is basically composed of 4 main components:

  1. Enamel (external surface of crown)
  2. Cementum (external surface of root)
  3. Dentin (Mid-surface of all tooth)
  4. Pulp (internal surface- nerves and blood vessels)


Enamel is a very strong organic mineral, the cementum is more porous and one of its principal functions is to provide retention to periodontal ligaments which in turn give support to the tooth, as well as the bone and gums that surround it.  Gingival recession creates an exposure of the cementum.  Some of the problems associated with this are tooth sensitivity, increased caries risk, esthetic problems.


Most cases regarding gingival recession are primarily caused by poor plaque control and abrasion due to “hard” tooth brushing habits.  Bone loss also occurs with gingival recession, giving less support to the teeth.  There are a few techniques  for performing these procedures, but these usually depend on the type of recession and amount of interproximal bone.


The grafts available are:

1-     Autogenic (obtained from the palate of the patient)

2-     Allogenic (obtained from a human donor)

3-     Xenogenic – (typically bovine bone)

Advantages of an Allogenic membrane are:

1-     No donor tissue, thereby eliminating a second surgical site.

2-     Less post-operative pain = more patient comfort.

3-     More coverage area for multiple recession coverage.


Like any surgical procedure, there are certain restrictions before, during and after the surgery to allow for the tissue to heal adequately.  These are explained in detail by your doctor prior to your procedure.

Thank You.

Dr. Miguel Angel González is a Periodontist with office in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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