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Implant retain Dentures Dentists in Puerto Rico

Implant retain Dentures

By Dr. Omar Cruz, DMD, MMSc  San Juan, Puerto Rico(787) 998-7778

You want to be able to smile, chew food with comfort, and feel confident to wear a dentures? Dental implants may be your solution!
The loss of one or more teeth and to  live with removable dentures can be very difficult for people. Humiliating experiences can be a way of life for user dentures, leading to withdraw from social activities and avoid being seen in public. The isolation and fear of intimacy are all unfortunate realities that affect many patients with dentures.
In frustration by trying to use dentures with the safety and comfort you want, use more adhesive. However, the person is not always satisfied. If you have gone several times to the dentist for adjustments, even had several dentures made without reaching the level of quality of life you want, the answer to your problem is not new teeth, but one of the greatest advances in dentistry, dental implants.
A dental implant is a replacement the tooth root. The Dental implant allows the dentist to support a prosthesis for the patient to chew more comfortably. Dental implants may offer a way to stabilize your dentures. They act as the roots of the teeth to keep your dentures without moving. The result: to chew, eat and digest food more comfortably without using adhesive, sometimes without having to perform a new complete denture.
Studies have shown that denture wearers experience a 10-fold reduction in bite, and up to 3 times less chewing efficiency, compared to natural teeth. Removable denture patients swallow large pieces of food, and are more susceptible to digestive complications like indigestion, constipation. Besides not being able to eat hard things, Denture wearers tends to limits in fruits and vegetables resulting in nutritional deficiencies.
The Dentures, by design, covers the upper palate of the mouth, which reduces the taste and joy from food favorites. As a result, many denture wearers over-salt their food in an attempt to improve the flavor, which puts them at greater risk of high blood pressure and other serious health consequences.

Dr. Omar Cruz is Director in Ashford Dental 787-998-7778

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