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Good Nutrition and Oral Health Dentists in Puerto Rico

Good Nutrition and Oral Health

While you can get by without one or more of your teeth , you may not realize the damage this can cause to your nutrition and digestion. The Healthy nutrition and good digestion begins with the ability to chew food.
Approximately 15% of adults over 30 years is missing one or more teeth. These patients have a reduced ability to chew . Chewing breaks food into pieces that are easily digested . Incomplete digestion of nutrients causes not be properly extracted from the meal and other symptoms of indigestion.
Today, many people rely on dentures to eat and smile . However, some removable denture wearers can not easily chew nutrient-rich foods , such as whole vegetables , fruits with seeds, tough meats and nuts. If you are avoiding certain foods , due to missing teeth , which is losing not only teeth but also losing nutrients that are essential for good health .
Dental implants are a solution that will allow the patient to obtain proper chewing ability . A dental implant is a small titanium screw that replaces the tooth root . Then he makes a dental prosthesis that can replace one or more teeth in a fixed manner . For people who have lost a tooth, several teeth or even all of their teeth , dental implants are the solution.
Studies conducted to evaluate treatment options for patients with complete dentures have shown that treatments performed using dental implants were associated with higher initial costs than traditional dentures ( Teeth Boxes ) . However, the consensus of most studies claim , long term , that dental implants are a treatment option cost-effective , to reduce the need for other dental treatments later . Also reported a decrease in health care costs over time.
A diet low in nutrients such as fruits , vegetables and nuts increase the likelihood of obesity. But if the lack of teeth will prevent the consumption of these nutrients , you can develop other health problems . Missing teeth can prevent healthy and balanced diet , which remains vital for good health . But with modern solutions , such as dental implants , you can rediscover not only your smile but a capacity to eat those foods that no longer dared . It is the first step to a healthy diet and a healthier lifestyle .
Dr. Omar Cruz has a Master of Oral Medicine at Harvard University where he also earned his specialty in Prosthodontics and Dental Implants . Dr. Cruz is director of the dental office Dental Ashford in Condado, PR . 787-998-7778

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